Travels of Electricity Worksheet

Travels of Electricity Worksheet

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Date: ______________________

  1. You can move faster than electricity can. (True or False)________
  2. Circle three objects from the list below that conduct electricity:
    1. An aluminum ladder
    2. A copper wire
    3. A fiberglass ladder
    4. Lineman’s rubber gloves
    5. A metal bench
    6. A glass insulator

    What these objects have in common is that they are made of _____________________________

  3. Insulators are important for safety around electricity because
  4. Plugging too many things into an outlet can overload it and cause
  5. Guess whether the power lines to your building are overhead or underground. Now look outside. Were you right? _____________
  6. Use the following three items—a D battery, a light bulb, and two pieces of wire—to draw a complete electric circuit that will allow the bulb to light up.